LU'S Speech and Debate Team find success in 2023-2024 season

The 十大电子游艺网站排行 Speech and Debate team is celebrating a season of growth and success, achieving multiple national qualifications and impressive rankings in recent tournaments. 这个团队, co-founded by junior accounting student Drake Rothenberger and senior psychology student Kiera Figgins, is making waves on the competitive speaking circuit. Group Photo of LU Speech and Debate

就在一年前, the team boasted only three consistent speech members, but this season has seen significant expansion, with the roster now featuring eight dedicated members. This growth is emblematic of the team's dedication and hard work in honing their skills and recruiting new talent. 

“As a student-funded organization, one of our biggest challenges was paying for travel and other expenses, 所以这学期, 我们筹集了4美元,000 to aid in covering those costs, which has helped tremendously with our ability to grow,费金斯说. “We’ve also been doing our part in promoting the team and getting our names out there, and a lot of that comes from sharing on social media, particularly Instagram.”

In terms of national qualifications, the team's progress is equally impressive. 去年, they secured nine national bids among three students, but this season has seen them elevate their performance. 这个团队 is also celebrating two Novice National Qualifiers, Chloe Tew and Joanne Yi, a testament to the team's commitment to nurturing emerging talent.

“When we find someone who is interested in joining, Kiera or I will sit down and talk to that person and get a feel for what they’re interested in and figure out what competitions they might excel at,罗森伯格说. “在比赛之前, we also ensure that they know what they’re doing and fully understand what that event is to ensure that they are confident going into that event.”

One of the standout moments for the 十大电子游艺网站排行 Speech and Debate team was their participation in the 莱斯大学 Swing Tournament, where they competed against schools from across the country, including the University of Utah, 但奥斯丁, 科罗拉多学院, 莱斯大学, 德克萨斯大学达拉斯, 惠特曼大学, and McNeese in a two-day event.

In the 莱斯大学 Classic 1, the team demonstrated its versatility with remarkable performances to take home a fifth overall win, including Rothenberger's 5th place award in After Dinner Speaking, his first national bid in the event, and Figgins' 7th place award in Communication Analysis.

“After Dinner Speaking is a type of informative speaking, 然而, it’s got a more humorous twist on it, and you’re allowed to be funny,罗森伯格说. “My topic is the Gay Agenda, and it is something I plan on tweaking and improving to take it to nationals.”

In 莱斯大学 Classic 2, the team continued its winning streak winning third overall, with a standout performance by Kiera Figgins and Michael Vu, who clinched 1st place in Duo Interpretation. Chloe Doyle and Madison McGuire secured an impressive 2nd place in the same category.

 此外, the 十大电子游艺网站排行 Speech and Debate team understands that their involvement in competitive speaking is not merely a pursuit of trophies and accolades. It also serves as a dynamic training ground for honing essential skills that will undoubtedly advance them professionally in their future careers.

“The art of persuasive communication, 批判性思维, 研究, and effective presentation techniques cultivated through speech and debate are skills that transcend the competition arena,费金斯说. “If you’re planning on going into any field that is 研究 heavy, being able to present that information effectively is an invaluable skill.”

To Rothenberger, the skills learned from speech and debate provide students with a competitive edge.

“Accounting majors aren’t known for their public speaking skills, they’re known for their math skills,罗森伯格说. “然而, as we move more into the world of AI and some of those skills become obsolete, those interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively will take the forefront and speech and debate are a way to quickly develop those skills.”

As the 十大电子游艺网站排行 Speech and Debate team celebrates their recent achievements, they are already setting their sights on the upcoming challenges of the spring season. Among their plans is the eagerly anticipated participation in the national stage at Central Michigan University in spring 2024.

Photos provided by Alora Reeves Photography.